Ulla Straus, better known as Ulla, has released a surprise new album.

Foam is the mysterious producer’s first full-length since 2021’s Limitless Frame on Motion Ward. The year before, she put out Tumbling Towards a Wall, one of our favourite releases of the year.

We’re told that Foam is quite a departure from her previous albums, opting for a sort of glitched jazz, dub, and ambient aesthetic. “It just might be the weirdest ambient/pop dislocation of the year so far.”

Featuring 14 new tracks, the album dissolves into a sort of jazzed bliss that’s best compared with Jan Jelinek and the piano minimalism of Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s recent collaborations, as well as the memory-frothed echo of claire rousay and Co La.

Straus is currently based in Philadelphia, having moved through Kansas and California. She has released music on an array of labels such as Quiet Time, Experiences Ltd, and West Mineral Ltd.


01. Song
02. Gloss
03. Popping Out
04. Marina
05. Creepy Girl
06. Sad Face
07. Indoor Type
08. Blush
09. For Your Love
10. Scrubby
11. 11
12. Egg
13. Macys
14. Foam Angel

Foam LP is available now. You can stream the album in full below and order it here.

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