If you’re looking for the world’s party capital, Ibiza is it. 

The biggest DJs in the world hold residencies at the island’s biggest clubs, and anyone from flash celebrities to the world’s elite can be seen attending the clubs there.

But Ibiza also has a different side to it whose thriving underground scene and intimate clubs are the envy of musicians across the globe. But you might not ever realize this if you’re flying into Ibiza for the first time. 

So we decided to go straight to the source and as Ibiza-based producer James De Torres, who recently released an incredibly dark and progressive roller on Paul Thomas’ label, to shed some light on the finest spaces to hear the best underground music in Ibiza.


Released on Paul Thomas’ UV NOIR, James de Torres’ latest single bridges the gap between underground dance music and melodic progressive. It’s dark and ominous just as much as melodic and emotional.

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