Upsammy will release her second album, Germ in a Population of Buildings, on PAN.

In 2020, Upsammy, real name Thessa Torsing, released her debut album, Zoom, which was praised for its careful reimagining of IDM. On Germ in a Population of Buildings, the skeletal trace of IDM is still present but it’s been “trapped in amber,” we’re told, “allowing her unique sonic landscape to develop organically.”

Across 10 tracks, Torsing layers her contorted voice in rickety patterns beneath a lattice of fragile rhythms and faintly melancholy synths. The album is rooted in her interest for ambiguous environments in constant shift, and the feeling of discovering strange patterns in different ecosystems.

The album adds to what already a busy schedule for PAN, after Evita Manji’s debut album landed in January. Tzusing‘s second full-length is out at the end of this month.


01. Being is a Stone
02. Constructing
03. Ergo Dynamic Tree
04. Green Lung
05. Germ in a Population of Buildings
06. Patterning
07. Asphalt Flows
08. Soft Sand
09. Square to Sphere
10. Metro Snake Whispers

Germ in a Population of Buildings LP is scheduled for March 2 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Being is a Stone” in full via the player below and pre-order here.

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