Batavia Collective are a young and vibrant group of Jakarta-based musicians, combining a no-nonsense attitude with the sheer sophistication of jazz and soul. With Doni Joesran on keys, Elfa Zulham on drums, and Kenny Gabriel on synth bass, they offer refreshing and generous future jazz with a hard-hitting pulse.

‘Affirmation’ features vocals by Mohammed Kamga, who tops up the trio’s free-spirited sound with smooth and dynamic melodies. Having been homegrown in the studio, Batavia Collective take inspiration from Jakarta’s streets; having been raised in Indonesia’s capital, the band’s gratitude towards their roots is echoed in everything they do. Through this heartfelt approach, ‘Affirmation’ breathes spontaneity and joy in the process of creation; this is why their organic upbeat mixture is so cheerful in effect, infecting the body with a drum ‘n’ bass inspired pulse that will leave you eager to find out more. They’re incredibly excited to release ‘Affirmation’ on R&S Records, from where they hope to charm and excite listeners everywhere.

‘Affirmation feat. Kamga’ by Batavia Collective is available on R&S Records now. Buy HERE

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