French electronic producer Kartell shares his latest single ‘Mars’ featuring Kurtis Wells, out February 9 accompanied by the official video. Alongside the track, he announces the release of his album, ‘Everything is Here’, out May 31 via Parisian imprint Roche Musique.

Right after ‘Space Odyssey’, Kartell is revealing ‘Mars’ in collaboration with Kurtis Wells, the second single from his debut album to be released in Spring 2024. 

Kurtis Wells’ falsetto vocals light the way of this space quest, with levitating vocals and modulations, fulfilling the track with a deep intensity. Vintage synths shape a nostalgic feeling that guides us through this R&B track with soft-rock references. The rhythm is soaring, the melody gripping.

“I first wrote the chords of ‘Mars’ in 2016 and forgot about it. When I started working on the album with the theme of space, I found it again and this airy floating composition came back naturally. It embodies a line between the innocence of a quest and the tension of a future at stake. Kurtis Wells was the perfect match for this track and his lyrics and vocal interpretations absolutely capture this balance. You can hear a short extract of the original composition at the end of the video clip directed by Theo Asciak.” – Kartell

“I imagined the story of a lonely guy who’s not interested in this world and who’s looking for happiness elsewhere. I wanted to talk about long-distance relationships, the temptation of immediacy and the very private perception of what may or may not be good for you.” – Theo Asciak

Closely following the single ‘Space Odyssey’, which arrived on January 17, ‘Mars’ showcases Kartell’s effortless knack for downtempo electronica and R&B-tinged grooves. The track takes the listener on a hypnotising journey over languid drum beats and hazy, vintage synths while Berlin-based, Trinidadian artist Kurtis Wells sings in soaring falsetto about undergoing inner change and accepting the unknown.

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