Vlade Kay has performed on some vast stages, allowing him to slowly begin securing his own name and place in the industry.

Throughout his career, the singer developed his skills, acquired new talents, and accumulated years of experience through hard work. After “Dynamite” back in August, a clear reflection of an artist who’s not afraid to embrace his imperfections and who he is, Vlade Kay is already back with a new track.

Vlade’s new song came to life in Dubai during one of his visits and was influenced by the environment there. Written with John Defeo and Jackson Dimiglio (Shawn Mendes and Swae Lee) ‘Chanel’ is an uplifting track inspired by girls enjoying a luxury lifestyle that the artist encountered. This is the first single taken from his upcoming EP ‘Detox’ set to be released on December 2nd, 2022.

Vlade Kay is a vibrant, energetic young artist with an inspiring story who empowers his fans and makes them feel that anything is possible with hard work. Tirelessly working to establish his name in the industry, each of his releases is better than the previous one.

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