Photo: Andra Ljos

Vladimir Karpov, better known as X.Y.R., will release a new album on Los Angeles’ Not Not Fun.

Aquarealm, the Russian artist’s 10th full-length, is a “liquid suite of surreal tranquility,” we’re told, designed to soundtrack the shimmering mysteries of underwater life.

Inspired by vintage Soviet cartoons, nature documentaries, and Karpov’s colorful aquarium fish, the album’s seven songs share a mood of contemplative depth and “dizzying beauty,” filled with hazy tones, crystalline keys, and echoes. It’s music that’s simultaneously serene and cinematic.

Karpov, a self-proclaimed “ambient recluse,” is a producer based in St. Petersburg. Under the pseudonym X.Y.R., he releases music that aims to immerse a sensitive listener in a state of hypnosis. Last year, he put out the Possible Motive album on Sweden’s Possible Motive and returned earlier this year with Vision Quest on France’s Good Morning Tapes.


01. The Signals From The Abyss
02. Coral Reef Exploration
03. Poisson-ange Exotique
04. Emerald Dream
05. Oxygen Waltz
06. Silure Albinos Drifting
07. Species Of Fishes

Aquarealm LP is scheduled for June 3 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “The Signals From The Abyss,” “Poisson-ange Exotique,” and “Oxygen Waltz” in full via the player below and pre-order here.

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