From pulling the vocal out of a popular song to remixing to simply having noise-free vocals for your podcast, having crystal-clear audio is essential. And while there might be VSTs and plugins that can help with this, oftentimes they are expensive, cumbersome, and only work if you also have access to a DAW.

Luckily, Lalal.AI offers a solution.

Lalal.AI’s Voice Remover is a browser-based vocal separation and repair tool that works wonders on almost any audio file you run through it. It analyzes the audio, pinpoints where the vocals are in the mix, and separates everything else from it. It’s a great idea that sounds even better when put to the test.

Here are just a few quick ways we’ve been using Lalal.AI in my own studio:

  • Removing background noise for my podcast voiceovers.
  • Isolation the vocals so I can remix the song quickly and efficiently.
  • Taking out the vocals of a track to play a dub version in my DJ sets.
  • Generating atmosphere and textures for my productions. 

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