Voigtmann, an artist known for crafting mesmerising sonic landscapes and pushing the limits of sound, has built his reputation as one of the most innovative producers in the electronic world. Crafted over three years, his second album ‘Life Miles’ LP unveils a musical journey like no other, leaving no doubt about his artistic evolution and marks his ambition as an artist into new territories as he joins 20/20 Vision Recordings.

Voigtmann is stationed deep within the electronic underground and his respect has been shaped by a multitude of achievements, including co-founding Toi.Toi.Musik, launching his own label ‘Subsequent’ (loved by the likes of ZIP / Ricardo Villalobos / Sonja Moonear et al), playing regular all-night-long sessions at London community haunts such as The Lion & Lamb pub and delivering unforgettable DJ sets globally. 

‘Life Miles’ as the title suggests represents where Voigtmann is at now, reflecting on his journey so far whilst looking forward to new ventures. The body of music shows off his signature style of blending intricate textures, hypnotic rhythms, and micro sounds as well as delving into territories of low tempo, ambient and dub, showing off new facets to his artistry.

“For me to create a real album is to strike a fragile balance between restraint and out-of-your comfort-zone, club and home listening. This album is a proud snapshot in time of my abilities as a producer, a snapshot of my mood and sound. Huge care was placed in the technical side producing the album and it’s the best sounding music I have produced to this day as well as being the most personal album to date. To land it on such a legendary label like 20/20 Vision is a dream for me as I’ve admired and played their output for a long time. The collaboration with Ralph is productive, professional and it’s beautiful to see what 2 creative minds can achieve working together. A proud moment of my career.”– says Voigtmann

Sonically exploring the album, ‘Pinfire’ and ‘Transitory Moments’ kick off proceedings with an energetic workout reminiscent of being totally locked-in on the floor of fabric while ‘North of the Sun’ takes a trip to desert landscapes on alien worlds. ‘Abundance’ shows off a keen sense of melodic understanding with intricate layers of synths woven together over a killer bass line and standout top line. 

Voigtmann’s multifarious influences take shape with ‘Lowrider’ and ‘Flight of Fancy’ as the beats get broken down into expertly programmed breakbeats that smack and skip over dubbed out basslines. On ‘Send Love to the Future’ and ‘Headlong’ the tempo is slowed down to create elegant, swirling soundscapes for sun kissed shores and tripping among the stars. 

A1 – Pinfire 
A2 – Transitory Moments 
B1 – North of the Sun 
B2 – Lowrider 
C1 – Abundance 
C2 – Figures of Eight 
D1 – Flight of Fancy 
D2 – Send Love to the Future 
D3 – Headlong

Vinyl Album Release: 20th November

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