VONDA7 delivers her ten-track debut album ‘Let Go’ on art | werk on 25 June, uncovering a collection of productions which showcase her diverse and rich sound palette via her own imprint.

Presenting a melting pot of influences, inspirations and artistry from across the electronic spectrum, taking in nuances and cues from house and techno through to hip-hop, indie, synth-pop and beyond, VONDA7’s debut album ‘Let Go’ showcases and serves up a well-crafted and notable example of her continued experimentation across styles.

With her own vocals at the core of her work, and with her productions connecting a variety of elements and sounds into a genre-fluid and evolving project, the ten-track offering presents the Berlin-based DJ and producer in her most complete musical form to date, highlighting her desire to not fit within conventional boundaries and guidelines, but instead to create her own realm.

Combining a collection of tracks already released digitally as singles alongside a host of fresh, unreleased productions, the project unveils a rich body of work whilst telling a story of self-reflection, and exploring subjects such as human relationships and a quest for purpose.

Often playful, with fairy tale and dream-like qualities, whilst also presenting real and raw questions, messages and thoughts throughout, ‘Let Go’ offers up an in-depth and personal journey into VONDA7 as an artist and individual, delivering an impressive debut album from a blossoming talent most certainly on the rise.

Stream / Download : https://lnk.to/AW017 

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