Wallace -  Hannah Harding

Wallce – Contact EP

Debuting on Disco Halal with a leftfield, electronic interpretation of indie-dance is British DJ and producer, Wallace with his new EP Contact. The release is a two track EP that showcases his creative ambitions as producer and DJ. 

After spending 5 years running club nights in Edinburgh, Wallace has since put all of his energy into his own musical journey. His unique left-field sound has stemmed from a unique upbringing, as he was exposed to music from around the world thanks to his parents who loved music and nature respectively.

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The title track ‘Contact’, delivers a hit that’s driven by a thumping bassline and layers of instrumentation that comes across hypnotic. It’s a progressive track that features elements of the infamous Amen break towards the end – demonstrating a track that evolves into a completely different feel. This is followed with the second track ‘Ragaman’, that clearly takes a more eastern approach with tabla drums, classic raga instruments along with progressive dance rhythms – a perfect fit for Disco Halal.

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