The pioneering rave-inspired fashion brand has just released two brand new collections as well as opening a collaborative creative space in Liverpool’s Fabric District. As well as welcoming customers, this is a new element for the business which is all about working with other creatives from across the city and beyond with new ranges and designs. In the coming weeks Wasted Heroes will bring their creations to life which will be available to buy from the online shop. 

The team are also very proud to reveal their X Collection and a new unisex range of hoodies and sweatshirts for the summer. The X Collection showcases their investment in a digital printer with an astonishing range of colours now possible – new designs will be dropping in each week. The new unisex collection marks an important moment just in time for warm summer days and night time forays and layering up or down. The range features some of their classic designs reimagined with new colours and a range of sizes. 

Whilst still making many classic designs by hand with screen printing, this new digital technology means garments can be made rapidly and on demand, the antithesis of fast fashion which globally creates huge levels of clothing waste. It’s an important development as Wasted Heroes continues to grow. 

Russell says: “We have built the business around screen-printing by hand which is what has helped us grow and keep our reputation. And now we also offer digital printing too, having invested in some exciting new technology so we can print on demand and not have lots of stock – this is essential for us as a business and being as environmentally friendly as possible. It also gives us a much wider range of colours and styles which with screen printing has been difficult to do to the level of quality we always want to deliver. So the X Collection is showcasing what the printer can do, the sheer depth and range of colours which look incredible. And we have our women’s range of hoodies and tees which look fantastic too. It’s an important moment for us as a company to still stay true to our roots but also embrace what can help make new designs a reality and to work with new exciting designers as well.” 

Based in Liverpool, the independent studio has evolved into an international label, creating countless iconic designs which are now part of electronic music culture, from festivals and clubs through to everyday wear, championed and worn by icons including Honey Dijon, Peggy Gou, Carl Cox, Charlotte de Witte, Gorgon City and Guy Williams.  

Since it started, the company’s ethos has been to always to keep it indie and produce everything in-house. The business’ foundations also remain environmentally ethical, too. Garments are screen-printed or digitally in-house using environmentally friendly water-based inks. All printed products are made with organic cotton and sourced from verified ethical and climate neutral manufacturers. The entire process is certified by EarthPositive® and OEKO-TEX, and all tees and hoodies are Approved Vegan. 

All packing is biodegradable or non-plastic keeping unnecessary waste to a minimum. And because Wasted Heroes keep everything in-house, from designing the print to screen-printing and photography, they have the ability to react on ideas and club culture news instantly, taking a design from concept to reality and on the site to purchase within a day.

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