Plastikman’s (Richie Hawtin) Consumed was one of those albums that took listeners by surprise, a deep and cavernous journey into time and space, which raised the bar for electronic musicians. Now, as most core fans are already hip to, we are about to get a full rework of this masterpiece which is a collaboration between Hawtin and Grammy Award winning pianist/composer Chilly Gonzales.

Consumed In Key revisits the original work with a fresh set of ears and brings together the brilliance of Hawtin and Gonzales to give fans a companion to this coveted work. To celebrate the album’s release on April 1st, and to give fans a better appreciation and understanding of the collaboration, we are getting a beautifully shot mini doc by Berlin Based Director Hiroo Tanaka. 

Tanaka delivers a visual stunner with voice overs from Hawtin and Gonzales discussing the collaboration, their mutual respect and how it all came together. 

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