There was something special about this year’s PAX West event, where gamers and developers join forces in Seattle for a four-day celebration of video games. 

For the first time since 2019, we’ve finally seen a return to form in a post-pandemic world. The showroom floor was packed with developers from around the globe showcasing the latest games that they’ve been working on. 

It has been nine years since the last entry of Company of Heroes, a WW2-focused RTS game that is, in my opinion, the best RTS experience you can have alongside Age of Empires. The series is renowned for its visceral combat, destructible environments, and historically accurate matchups between Axis and Allied combat units. 

If you’re a WW2 buff, or simply a fan of the genre, COH3 is something you’ll want to keep your eyes on as we approach its November release. 

COH3 Concept Art - Italy-min

A substantial area of the showroom floor was available for attendees to check out the latest build of COH3. We hadn’t had a chance to play a build of the game since the pre-alpha multiplayer test on Steam almost a year ago, and a significant amount of polish was apparent when playing the new build at PAX West.

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