We detail our favorite NFTs, DAOs, platforms, and DeFi and DApp projects in the Web3 space from last week.

This week’s Web3 Wrap includes BLOND:ISH’s announcement of a world-first environmental impact-to-earn token $BYEBYE, Maceo Plex’s NFT collection in collaboration with EXIT Festival, the release of Emanate GO 2.0, Water & Music’s in-depth music NFT sales report for 2021, and more.

Check it all out below.

BLOND:ISH to Launch World-First “Impact To Earn” Token Activation For Bye Bye Plastic 

DJ and activist Vivie-Ann Bakos (a.k.a. BLOND:ISH) will launch the $BYEBYE token and a world-first “impact to earn” activation for her foundation Bye Bye Plastic.

Announced during IMS Ibiza, Bakos will build and launch a $BYEBYE token off the back of a $75,000 grant through Socialstack as the inaugural recipient of Socialstack’s Climate Action Social Token Fund, an initiative in collaboration with Celo’s Climate Collective to fund and provide infrastructure to Web3 communities addressing the climate crisis. 

With the $BYEBYE token, Bakos will look to change the way the general public take to and implement true “climate change” and action. “The sustainable and circular economy still needs to appear stimulating and incentivizing in our everyday lives in order to win the tide of Climate Change,” Bakos explains. “With a token that rewards environmental actions, we aim to not only gamify, but also effortlessly change the culture that will shape a plastic-free and more regenerative world.”

As part of the grant initiative, Bye Bye Plastic, a foundation that aims to remove single-use plastics in the music industry, will also run the first-ever Impact To Earn (I2E) campaign, which will aim to mobilize climate action through incentives and rewards, including $25,000 worth of $CELO tokens. 

You can find more about $BYEBYE and the initiative here.

Maceo Plex Announces NFT Collection in Collaboration With EXIT Festival 

Maceo Plex has partnered with EXIT Festival on a new NFT collection.

The full collection and its details will be unveiled on May 9, with minting starting on May 14 during the RAVERSE panel at the upcoming TOMORROW conference, which will run from May 13 to 15. Joining Maceo Plex on the RAVERSE panel will be VP of Global Partnerships at Pixelynx, Maria May, and EXIT Festival CEO, Dušan Kovačević, among others. The panel will be streamed live for those that can’t attend in person. Maceo Plex will celebrate the launch of the collection with a headline performance after the RAVERS panel at an exclusive party at the Belexpocentar the night of May 14.

The TOMORROW conference is Europe’s biggest Crypto, NFT, and Metaverse conference, bringing together around 100 speakers across seven exclusive panels, and more than 50 keynotes.

Stay tuned for the collection reveal on May 9.

Emanate Releases Emanate GO 2.0 With NFT Support

Web3 music service Emanate has released version 2.0 of its Emanate GO app.

The latest version of the app has a range of new features for music NFTs, including full streaming support (for all music NFTs, not just those you own), link support for NFTs and Opensea profiles, track downloads, offline listening via music caching, featured content hubs, and more. So far, the app has support for Ethereum and Polygon NFTs.

For those unfamiliar, Emanate is a Web3 music ecosystem that provides artists with distribution, streaming, and revenue support for Web3 music. Via the $EMT token, Emanate also gives fans ways to earn via sharing and collaborating with artists.

You can check out Emanate GO 2.0 here

Water & Music Released an In-Depth Report on 2021 Music NFT Sales

Today, Water & Music released an in-depth report on 2021 music NFT sales.

The report was the result of a month of collaborative work by several contributors from the Water & Music community, with the contributors analyzing music NFT data from Water & Music’s members-only music NFT database. The report covers over $86 million in revenue and also offers commentary on the data and insight into the different forms of utility emerging in the format.

Some of the main takeaways from the report include a noted spike in revenue in early 2021, due to celebrity “mega drops,” before a cooling down period in summer and a rise again in fall; indie artists account for 64% of revenue, while major-label artists accounted for 36%; from February to December, the average price per music NFT fell from $18.8K to $10.2K, with the median price falling from $1,000 to $825 per unit; electronic music was the most popular genre with 64% of the market share; and a significant amount of new utility forms was seen across the year, including “royalty shares, usage rights, NFT splits, online/offline bundles, live music, and community-building.”

The report also gives an overview of the space’s leading artists, distribution of sales per platform and blockchain, on-and-off-chain utility, big brands in the space, secondary sales, and more.

You can read the full report here, with information on the members-only database here

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