We detail our favorite NFTs, DAOs, platforms, and DeFi and DApp projects in the Web3 space from last week.

This week’s Web3 Wrap includes the new Hyperboloid compilation, which is released as an audio-visual NFT collection, Maelstrom’s sold-out Sound drop, which featured the first on-chain techno mix with split payments, the NFT | LA conference, Spike Art Magazine’s NFT cover collection, and new music NFTs from Seafoam, Kamran Sadeghi, Luciano, and more.

Check it all out below.

Hyperboloid Releases New Compilation as an NFT Collection 

Popular experimental label and XLR8R favorite Hyperboloid released a new NFT collection this week.

The collection features 22 audiovisual pieces, presented as 21 singles from 21 different artists and one album wrapping the singles together. gsm_garden created all of the visual art for the collection, which features audio from Pixelord, Max Dahlhaus, ellijah, Sangam, ZAKLADKI, Raumskaya, and more.

NFT holders will receive an as-yet-to-be-revealed airdrop from the Hyperboloid DAO and the artist subDAOs, which are said to be going live sometime this year, plus free tickets to all Hyperboloid events as long as they are running, access to private discord channels, and other goodies as the label progresses to metaverse.

You can check out the collection here.

Maelstrom Sells Out First On-Chain Techno Mix With Automatic Split Payments Going to All Artists Featured

This week, French producer, DJ, and live performer Maelstrom sold out the first on-chain techno mix with split payments on the Sound platform.

Maelstrom wanted the NFT drop to be an experiment that explores a new model for the way online mixes are delivered, as well as rethinking the relationship between DJs and producers; “99% of the time the DJ gets most of the light while the producers don’t even get mentioned (and almost never get paid),” he stated

The Parisian trawled through records on Catalog and Nina, finding tracks that fit the direction of the mix from producers already releasing Web3-based records. Each artist with a track featured on the mix received a 5.7% cut of total sales, while Maelstrom collected 15% for the curation (and further % for a track of his own). 

The mix sold out, bringing in 15 ETH (around $46,570 at the time of writing), which meant that the artists with tracks featured were automatically sent payments equalling $2,654, with Maelstrom himself making around $12,100.

You can check out more information about the release here, with the NFTs available on the secondary market here.

‘NFT | LA’ Kicks Off on March 28

‘NFT | LA’ kicks off Monday, March 28.

The NFT conference was preceded by ‘NFT in America,’ a one-day meetup that ran on Friday, presented by SuperRare and Dropbox. The event featured a day of speakers and lectures, including Zora’s Head of Community and leading Web3 artist LATASHÁ, Beeple, SamJ, and more.

Then, on March 28, NFT | LA officially kicks off, running through March 31 throughout Los Angeles. A range of music-and-culture events will take place, including a talk with Flosstradamus and other music-industry and Web3 leaders asking “Will NFTs Reshape Or Accent The Music & Entertainment Industry?”; “More Than JPEGS: How NFTs Can Amplify Culture, Awareness & Education,” with UnicornDAO, Paisano DAO, and REFORM Alliance; “NFTs Across Genres: Emerging Best Practices for Building Community with NFTs in Music” with Joel Cassady, Kiesza, and Matt Sanders; and “The Art and Disruption of Designing NFTs” with Bobby Hundreds, GMoney, Mec Zilla, and Betty.

You can find more on NFT in America here and NFT | LA here.

Spike Art Magazine Sells Covers as NFTs 

Berlin-based artist-run Spike Art Magazine has announced an NFT drop featuring all of its covers.

For the drop, Spike has collaborated with left.gallery to create unique NFTs of all 70 magazine covers from its 15-year publication history. The drop kicked off last Thursday, March 24, with the magazine’s latest cover, Spike #70 (the Web3 issue), and was auctioned off for 24 hours. The cover eventually sold for 0.3 WETH (around $1022 at the time of writing). Following that sale, On Friday, March 25, the minting of the other 69 covers began, with one dropping each day in chronological order, on sale for a fixed price of 0.1 ETH (approximately $340 at the time of writing).

You can check out the collection from Spike Art and left.gallery via Zora here.

XLR8R NFT Picks, Featuring Kamran Sadeghi, Luciano, Seafoam, and More

This week, we combed through Nina, Catalog, and Pianity and picked out our favorite music NFTs.

Nina once again delivers the good with a wealth of world-class tunes, including an acidic heads-down techno jam from ЯTRA; an expertly mixed, stunning ambient piece by Kamran Sadeghi; shifting and evolving experimental electronics from ' acid-soaked breakbeat wizardry from rave industries; and a frayed prepared-piano outing by Fine Form & Nick Hyatt.

On Catalog, you can find a dreamy beatscape by Harris Cole; head-nodding bass grooves from Great Dane; an emotive and nimble beat cut from Alexander Lewis; and a feel-good bass track from 0x-Jitzu.

Pianity has a helping of dancefloor tunes, including a swinging deep house from Seafoam; deep atmospheric minimal by GIAS; immaculately produced melodic grooves from Moonwalker; and a dubby piece of house from the legendary Luciano.

What to Join and Who to Follow:

SamJ: non-binary artist on SuperRare.

Dillon ATM: co-founder and Creative Director of e-sports co-op and DAO BLVKHVND.

Leonidas: NFT archaeologist.

Farokh: Web3 writer and founder and Rug Radio.

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