We detail our favorite NFTs, DAOs, platforms, and DeFi and DApp projects in the Web3 space from last week.

This week’s Web3 Wrap includes the Bright Moments hosted NFT Art Berlin, featuring, among others, Boreta, Mark Reader and Moritz Von Oswald, Aasthma (Peder Mannerfeld and Pär Grindvik), and Neon Chambers (Kangding Ray and Sigha), Pianity’s secondary market launch, Friends With Benefits’ first festival, and music NFTs from Sweatson Klank, Kabuki, Mathew Jonson, and more.

Check it all out below.

Editors note: projects can be pitched and sent to xnft@xlr8r.com for inclusion in upcoming Web3 Wraps.

Berlin Hosts Bright Moments NFT Art Expo, Featuring Boreta, Mark Reeder and Moritz von Oswald, Aasthma (Peder Mannerfeld and Pär Grindvik), Neon Chambers (Kangding Ray and Sigha), and More

Bright Moments Gallery will host an NFT art expo in Berlin from April 6 to 22.

Taking place at Kraftwerk Berlin, NFT Art Berlin will feature an immersive fusion of digital art and electronic music, presenting a 10-day-and-night feature program, The Berlin Collection, that will find 10 internationally regarded artists who will each offer 100 unreleased NFTs, available to be minted solely by guests attending the event. Boreta kicked things off on April 6, followed by Holger Limpan on April 8, Alida Sun on April 9, Gabriel Massan on April 13, MP Koz on April 15, Jeff Davis on April 16, Loren Bednar on April 17, Jason Ting on April 20, Ellie Pritts on April 22, and Casey Reas on April 23. There will also be a collection of NFT art not available for minting by Nusi Quero, Pussy Riot, and more.

NFT Art Berlin will also feature a diverse array of musicians and DJs soundtracking the event, including Cheng NWSH, Vivian Koch, Yushh, Alan Oldham, Mark Reeder and Moritz von Oswald, Aasthma (Peder Mannerfeld and Pär Grindvik), and Neon Chambers (Kangding Ray and Sigha). 

Every night, attendees can also catch the first edition of the Icon Series, which will find Bright Moments collaborating with Philip Glass and Robert Wilson to immortalize their seminal work Einstein on the Beach.

You can find more about NFT Art Berlin here.

Pianity Opens Up Secondary Market

Pianity has launched its secondary marketplace.

Available within the existing Pianity platform, the secondary marketplace will offer much of the same features from across the current secondary NFT ecosystem, including the ability to resell NFTs at a fixed price or via an auction (with functionality to include a reserve price), and what Pianity is calling Artist’s Resale Right (ARR), which, according to Pianity, attempts to address “a major inequality that musical artists face” by giving them 80% of the earnings made on the first sale of their NFT, and 8% each time that NFT is resold in the secondary market.

More secondary market features are reportedly on the way.

You can read the full press release here, with the secondary market here.

Friends With Benefits Announces Festival

Popular DAO and Web3 community Friends With Benefits (FWB) this week announced FWB Fest.

Taking place from August 12 to 14 in Idyllwild, California, FWB Fest will be a three-day festival of culture and Web3, curated by the FWB community. The dedicated website promotes that the festival will feature “town halls, raves, wellness, live music, keynote speakers, culinary, outdoor activities, artist in residence, and long walks with friends.”

Early-bird tickets, which were only available to those holding at least 75 $FWB tokens, have sold out. General sale tickets will go on sale sometime in May and will be available to anyone holding at least 5 $FWB tokens. All ticket levels will grant the same access at the festival and includes “event attendance, programming, food, drinks, and live performances.”

More information on talent, speakers, and how to contribute will be provided in May.

You can check out the festival homepage here.

XLR8R’s NFT Picks, Featuring Sweatson Klank, Kabuki, Mathew Jonson, and More

This week, the XLR8R team trawled Pianity, Nina, and Catalog and selected our favorite music NFTs, all detailed below.

Pianity has a host of new drops, including a long-form live percussive masterclass by Parallells & Maalem Omar Hayat; psychedelic liquid drum & bass by Sunchase; mind-bending breakbeats by Mathew Jonson from the new Caprices compilation; Blade Runner-esque deep grooves by Dandy Jack, also from the Caprices compilation; and typically razor-sharp house from Silverlining.

Nina’s expert curation continues with a soaring bass-driven number by Kabuki; wide-screen chugging electronics from Joel Eel; an atmospheric hardcore cut with masterful sampling by Baiz Mazgi; a tripped-out sound-design excursion by kaotec; nimble broken-beat grooves by LLMAR; and score-like psychedelia by Olga and Brad.

On Catalog, you can find jazz-tinged grooves from Mija; swinging dusty beats by Abjo; head-swirling bass from MELO-X; haunting, tender ambient by meroitic; a smooth-as-silk smile-inducing instrumental by Mad Keys; hyperactive tropical rhythms from Mark Redito; beautifully meditative sonic wonders from Sweatson Klank; and a stunning piano-driven piece by Mark de Clive-Low.

What to Join and Who to Follow:

CHAOS: a new project from Song Camp alum, “a headless band of 80 artists.”

Joan Westenberg: Web3 artist, writer, and MODA DAO member.

Crystal: community manager for HIFI Labs.

Eq: community-based resource center for the music community.

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