We detail our favorite NFTs, DAOs, platforms, and DeFi and DApp projects in the Web3 space from last week.

Tale of Us’ Anyma Releases New Single and NFT With Innellea 

Anyma (Matteo Milleri of Tale of Us) and Innellea have announced a new single and NFT.

The single, titled “Angel 1,” is an audio-visual piece that was originally premiered during Tale of Us’ set at the Afterlife Sao Paulo event earlier this year. It’s the fourth single to be released from Anyma’s debut album, Genesys, which will be a tokenized collection of NFTs and music that will invite collectors and fans to collaborate in its evolution. The buyer of the NFT will be able to earn 50% of the record’s streaming and DSP royalties, which will be baked into the ERC-721 contract and delivered to the NFT owner automatically.

The visual component of “Angel 1” is a collaborative piece created by SuperRare chief curator, Alessio De Vecchi, 3D artist Filip Hodas, and Adam Priester.

“Angel 1” is out today on Afterlife, the label created and run by Tale of Us.

Snoop Dogg Sells Out Sound Drop and Crashes the Platform

This week, Snoop Dogg sold out a drop on NFT platform Sound, crashing the site in the process.

The drop went live on March 14 with 1000 limited-edition NFTs available for Snoop’s Death Row Mix: Vol. 1 at 0.1 ETH each. The 27-minute mix is full of “bits and pieces from my friends and family for you to enjoy,” Snoop notes, and sold out almost instantly, crashing the Sound platform in the process. The drop has so far traded 388 ETH in volume (around $1,068,732 at the time of writing).

The mix and drop follow Snoop’s acquisition of Death Row Records, which finds him positioning the label to “be the first major in the metaverse.”

Sound also noted this week that Sound records have now traded $1 million in volume on the secondary market.

NFT Platform Voice Opens Registration for New Residency Program

Voice, an NFT platform supporting a variety of creators, has opened registration for the second season of its residency program.

The virtual NFT residency program is aimed at “supporting creators from underrepresented and marginalized communities.” Accepted residents will work with a team of curators and technologists to transform a body of work—created before or during the residency—into an NFT collection. During the program, the creators will receive a creation stipend, bonus incentives, project guidance and support, and homepage and social promotion from the Voice team.

The current residency program features artist and film director Marco Brambilla, recording artist Shan Vincent de Paul, and Jersey club producer UNIIQU3, among others.

You can read more about the program here and those wishing to apply can do so here.

NoPattern Announces New NFT Drop in Partnership With Chain/Saw

Chicago-born artist Chuck Anderson (a.k.a. NoPattern) will release a new NFT collection on March 31.

The collection, titled INFINITE PRESSURE, will feature 99 unique NFTs and explores the question: “Where does the machine end and the human begin?” The artworks within the collection are “heavily influenced by the premise & aesthetics of generative art yet not in fact generative at all,” Anderson states, “comprised of tens of thousands of vector shapes extracted from my photography, blended along hand-drawn bezier curves in Adobe Illustrator.”

Anderson, a member of popular DAO and Web3 community Friends With Benefits, partnered with NFT platform Chain/Saw for the collection, as well as collaborators Case Simmons, Christian Rex van Minnen, Ezra Miller Gremplin, IX Shells, Jen Stark Joshua Davis, Maalavidaa, and OSEANWORLD.

INFINITE PRESSURE will be available on a custom-built platform on March 31.

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