We detail our favorite NFTs, DAOs, platforms, and DeFi and DApp projects in the Web3 space from last week.

This week’s Web3 Wrap includes the latest XLR8R+ edition, which for the fourth time has been minted as an NFT, the launch of Tamago, a new decentralized streaming service focused on underground electronic music, Forefront Season Two, Spike Art Magazine selling its covers as NFTs, and more.

Check it all out below.

XLR8R Releases the Fourth NFT Edition of XLR8R+

This week, XLR8R released the latest edition of XLR8R+ (XLR8R+036), the fourth XLR8R+ edition to be minted and available as an NFT.

The NFT was minted with a beautifully immersive animated version of the edition’s artwork, created by elusive Bristol-based artist AJAM, as the cover on the Polygon (Matic) chain. Available to all XLR8R+ subscribers, both new and current, to claim for free, the NFT includes all the exclusive assets as downloadable locked content, including five tracks from the three featured artists in Alien Communications, JOS, and MODUS, a PDF zine with art, design, and editorial, and a download of the art in wallpaper formats for both desktop and mobile. As is the case every month, the NFT is available for one month only and is exclusive to XLR8R+ subscribers.

You can find more information on the edition and package here, or subscribe here to claim the NFT.

Decentralized Streaming Platform Tamago Goes Live With Alpha Version

Yesterday, decentralized audio streaming platform Tamago launches its alpha version.

Founded by electronic producer, artist, and developer Clarian—who was, arguably, the first artist to release an album as an NFT—Tamago, we’re told, looks to “open up direct and transparent revenue models through a mix of Web3 and NFT technology.” Tamago positions itself as the official audio streaming solution for the NEAR Protocol, which has also partnered with Tamago.

The platform launches with a range of dance music from independent, underground favorites, including Turbo Records founder Tiga, Detroit’s Visionquest, Jay Tripwire, RUMORS head Guy Gerber, Mikey Lion, Michael Mayer, Mr. C, Guy J, and Clarian himself, among others.

Tamago notes it will take “a non-invasive approach to content creator markets,” focusing on “P2P engagement and customization of NFT sales and exclusive content, zero-ads, and dedicated liquidity support pools giving 100% of revenue back to artists.” 

The full beta version is set to launch in March and will allow artists to mint any song they upload as an NFT, with users able to buy and collect NFTs, and, when set by the artists, share in royalties for those collected tracks.

You can check out Tamago here.

Forefront Announces Season Two

Forefront has announced its Season Two program.

The new season will focus on an approach to DAO design and governance Forefront is calling Vibez Infinity Flow—this is also the name given to the season—which looks to place the human being at the center of DAO design and work on integrating the duality of autonomy and community that exists within each human. The goals of the season will flow from Forefront’s new “North Star” (or mission statement): “Forefront is the launchpad empowering web3 explorers to create at the frontier of tokenized communities.” From there, the season’s three primary objectives are: create an intentional onboarding program that “activates and delights Contributors and Community Members”; build out its Web3 media platform focused on “research, deep storytelling, and curation”; and develop a product strategy that will support other tokenized communities. 

The above will all come from the Season Two working groups, which include Onboarding (DAO Contributor & Community), Web3 Creator Residency, Community Programming, FF Journal & Museum, FF Daily, FF Newsletter & Wrapped, $SOCIAL Index, Metagovernance & D2D, and FF Product Labs.

Finally, there are also new contributor roles and compensation plans, such as Pioneers, which includes contributors whose sole work focus is Forefront; Oracles, which as members that place Forefront as their primary work, or top two focus; Alchemists, who are essentially “part-time” contributors; and Voyagers, which includes contributors with a low-priority commitment.

You can read more about Forefront’s Season Two here.

Spike Art Magazine Sells Covers as NFTs 

Berlin-based artist-run Spike Art Magazine has announced an NFT drop featuring all of its covers.

For the drop, Spike has collaborated with left.gallery to create unique NFTs of all 70 magazine covers from its 15-year publication history. The drop will kick off with the magazine’s latest cover, Spike #70 (the Web3 issue), which will be auctioned off for 24 hours. Once sold, the minting of the other 69 covers will begin and all of the 69 remaining covers will be sold for a fixed price of 0.1 ETH (approximately $270 at the time of writing) and minted in chronological order.

The drop will be launching next Friday, March 3, at 8 p.m. CET / 11 a.m. PST.

What to Join and Who to Follow:

Xcelencia: music producer and NFT artist.

Emanate: web3-backed distribution and streaming service with NFT integration on the way.

Phlote: curation portal and search engine for emerging artists.

Sassy Black: musician, producer, and NFT artist.

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