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Brian McKnight Jr. (BMKJR) is a musical renaissance man who is a beacon of true artistry with over a total of 100 million streams. 

A singer/songwriter, musician, producer and engineer who comes from a legendary musically gifted family, BMKJR has spent his life performing, creating, and perfecting his music. 

His music has no boundaries and stems from his true essence. While touring across the United States, Asia, Europe, and Africa for seven years, he’s elevated his craft as a professional performer and entertainer. BMKJR’s music captivates your ears and heart, then hits deeper to the soul. 

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“What inspires my smoke sessions playlists is most definitely wherever I am in my life — though it’s constantly changing, you can always expect it to be fresh, and in the moment… Being a singer songwriter myself, there’s nothing like finishing a project, and throwing that in the faded mix as well. Gotta make sure it hits!” – Brian McKnight Jr.

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