Mary Carreon is a drug and culture journalist in California. 

She earned her start at OC Weekly, where she jumped on the cannabis beat as a staff writer a year before the Golden State passed Prop.64 (the state’s very flawed weed law). Since then, her beat has expanded to also encompass psychedelics and the markets that move our culture’s most popular substances.

Before writing about cannabis, Mary used to write about music. 

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She loves music the way foodies melt for good food, the way birds nest in trees, or the way coastal Californians crave the ocean: it’s innate. Getting high and jamming out has been one of her favorite things to do since she discovered the power of cannabis 14 years ago. Her favorite strain to jam out to right now is Muskmelon.

Mary missed traveling during the pandemic to such an extent that she started exclusively listening to music from other regions of the world. 

Here are her top song suggestions for traveling from the comfort of your home. If you like Mary’s vibe, you can find her across social media @maryyystardust, or you can read her work at

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