What Does A Creative Director Do In the Music Industry?

Caleb Guage – Creative Director For NGHTMRE

Creative directors are most often associated with advertising and marketing agencies and help bring big brands, like Nike, to life, But are an essential part of the music industry as well. 

But their roles and responsibilities are different compared to creative directors working at conventional ad agencies. 

Caleb Gauge is one of the leading creative directors in the music industry, working with acts such as Slander, RY X, and most notably NGHTMRE.

We had a chance to sit down with Caleb to talk what it takes to be a great creative director. Throughout this interview, Caleb talks about breaking into the industry as a creative director, qualities of a great creative director, and we even dive DEEP into the daily life of a creative director as he brings the world and vision of an icon like NGHTMRE to life. 

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