David Guetta Future Rave

Another turn around the sun sees the predictable onslaught of attempts at new EDM genres. But what’s with this Future Rave? With every producer trying to be ‘first to market’ on the latest hot sound, new genres have long popped up and faded as fast as the Island Boy’s popularity. 

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Nu Rave, Vomitstep, Nu Disco, Tropical House, and more are done and dusted, but Future Rave seems to have lingered on longer than I expected. But a recent festival booking put many things into perspective, the primary being that Future Rave is here to stay. 

Hardwell’s return to the festival circuit after a five-year hiatus was a spectacle and a half, and saying that he put on a Future Rave clinic would be an understatement. So before we dive into the knitty-gritty of what I would classify as Future Rave, I’d suggest you take a lesson by scoping out the video below. 

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