What is freeform bass?

Freeform bass is a new genre of bass music that is taking over the Americas. From an outsider looking in, it can be hard to define precisely what this buddy blend of genres exactly is. But for an artist, as entrenched in the scene as Mersiv, what makes Freeform Bass so special is clear as day. 

So we decided that there is never a better time than now to bring the artist on to explain everything that you’ve ever wondered about Freeform Bass and answer all of the most popular questions I know you are asking about America’s hottest genre dance music. 

Mersiv is a famous electronic touring artist known for Pretty Dark Loud, the title of his debut album released in 2021. Since he’s toured nationally with Liquid Stranger and is preparing his cross-country run on The Mersiv Experience Tour. Grab tickets here.

Not From The Editor: The following is an Op-Ed from Anderson Gallegos, better known as Mersiv, on the origins of the Freeform Bass genre and its existence today.

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