Courtesy of Heatwave Music Festival / Don Idio

Courtesy of Heatwave Music Festival / Don Idio

There’s a reason why Chicago always finds its way to the top of the “Best of” lists – Innovation. 

While there’s no shortage of music festival near Chiacgo popping up everywhere and every weekend, Auris Presents – the team behind Heatwave Music Festival, have set the bar higher than ever with their inaugural Dance Music and art festival.

Photos From 2022’s Heatwave

Why Chicago’s Heatwave Is So Special 

 While all the bells and whistles of any proper festival were in full tow, Heatwave not only went off without a hitch, but did so in true fashion – fitting for the newly minted “Second Best City in the World.

It’s hard to expect any different from the same production company responsible for Arc Music Festival and the bevy of venues they hold down in the city. They’re simply a powerhouse in producing some of the best music events in the market. 

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