Weed Leaf

The leaf of the cannabis plant is one of the most widely recognized symbols of cannabis culture. Cannabis leaves come in various shapes and sizes, with most having five or seven points (blades). Indica plants typically have short, fat leaves, while Sativa has long, skinny leaves.

The leaves are vital for its growth. They work like solar panels to absorb light for the plant, which is necessary for photosynthesis. The leaves give the grower intel on the plant’s health—for example, the discoloration can tell the plant lacks a particular nutrient, and pests will attack leaves.

But hey, while you’re here, curious how to draw a weed leaf? Here’s a 2-minute breakdown that makes it a damn breeze! 

Different Types Of Weed Leaves

As a plant’s buds grow, they will wrap around some leaves close to the nodes. However, other leaves will have long stems and extend past the buds. The leaves in the buds are referred to as sugar leaves because they are covered in trichomes. On the other hand, fan leaves have little to no trichomes because they grow further away from the buds.

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