With hundreds of thousands of Coachella-goers flocking to the Indio Valley, billboard real-estate along the major freeways does not come cheap. 

Which makes the investment by Norwegian DJ and producer, Matoma, that much more culturally empowering. 

Read more about Matoma right here.

This week, Matoma has three consecutive billboards booked on the i-10 East freeway to Indio for Coachella, which hundreds of thousands of Coachella goers have driven past past on their way through the desert. 

The original intent of these billboards was to promote his new music (linked b, but with the horific war continuing in Ukraine he’s decided to put them towards a more meaningful cause – raising funds and awareness for a fantastic charity called Music Saves UA

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Matoma partnership with Music Saves UA, an organization providing humanitarian aid for those who need it most in Ukraine, is just the beginning of a movement which brings heavy cultural significance to the moment we are living through. 

Music Saves UA started in part by organizers of another music festival – Atlas Festival – whom Matoma performed for in 2019. With the current climate in need of drastic response, their nightclub is now converted into a humanitarian headquarters providing much needed supplies to those most affected by the war.

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