The Driver Era Press Shot - Magnetic Magazine - Samuel Fisher

THE DRIVER ERA’s Ross and Rocky Lynch are more than just pretty faces. They’ve got pretty minds, too.

How do I know?

Well, THE DRIVER ERA spoke to me—a nineteen-year-old writer—respectfully. They listened to, complemented, and paused for more than a few seconds to think about my questions. As Rocky cradled a cream-colored electric guitar and Ross sat shirtless and wet-haired, they didn’t try to be anything but their most natural selves—which meant they were authentic, goofy, lively, and thoughtful.

But, yeah, they do have pretty faces. Here’s a gallery of fresh press shots as proof.

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Ross and Rocky Lynch are the brothers behind indie-alt rock duo THE DRIVER ERA. Both used to be members of pop band R5, and Ross is often recognized for his prior work on Disney’s “Austin and Ally” and Teen Beach Movie

Now, four years after THE DRIVER ERA’s 2018 formation, they’ve released two studio albums (X and Girlfriend), acquired over two million monthly Spotify listeners, and produced popular hits “A Kiss” and “Afterglow.”

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