Why CBD Oil Is Bringing Cannabis Products Mainstream

To push this agenda, many states across the U.S. passed laws prohibiting the plant. The first national regulation was the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. The Controlled Substances Act was introduced in the 1970s, officially outlawing any cannabis use and classifying the plant as a Schedule 1 substance.

Finally, in 1996, its nearly 60-year reign as an illicit substance with no medical value ended when California became the first state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

By 2016, most states had legalized medicinal cannabis, with several others legalizing recreational use. Still, a negative stigma is attached to cannabis use, but in recent years, public opinion has been shifting in its favor.

The emergence of CBD oil and the array of therapeutic effects linked to CBD, a cannabis-derived compound, has changed people’s perception of the plant.

How CBD Oil Is Changing People’s Perception of Cannabis

The cannabidiol (CBD) trend is skyrocketing as regulations ease and companies seek to educate people on the healing potential of the cannabis-derived substance.

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