Music production is a solitary art. You spend thousands of hours alone in your studio, honing your craft and presenting it to the world, ideally playing your dance tracks to crowds and at gigs. 

But as much of a solo craft as it is, producers can find endless benefits from teaming up and collaborating with other producers. Not only can it up your creative output, but you can also learn new things, advance your career, and so much more. 

Joris Delacroix and Joachim Pastor are two producers who know this very well, and to celebrate the release of their latest collaboration, out now on Armada; we wanted to sit down and chat with these two about what they love most about collaborating. 

Stream Their Latest Single Below


‘Swaying’ is a masterwork in melodic and club-friendly composition. Taking the best assets that each producer involved can bring to the table, each moment is packed with nuance and detail.

The central hook is formed around a soft-attacking synth pluck that slowly morphs and evolves as the track progresses. This forms the foundation of the record, where cinematic elements and cascading arps can develop in the background behind it. 

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