Thibaut Machet (a.k.a Lamache) has been a regular on XLR8R pages for some time, first appearing with a feature about his crippling anxieties that for so long had been holding him back. Today, though, he’s a prolific touring DJ, a regular at Europe’s leading venues without a release to his name—an achievement to which few can lay claim. Not only is he a dedicated and gifted artist but he also heads up Discobar, releasing work from Zendid, Federico Molinari, Digby, and more. Now we’re delivering one of his latest mixes, recorded live at Hoppetosse in Berlin earlier this month. Expect just under three hours of warped-out, groove-laden minimal cuts. For more information on Lamache, check out his official XLR8R podcast here—but XLR8R+ subscribers can download the new mix below.

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