Tracks from Amir Alexander, Grumptronix, Indoor Man, Slumber, Ulysses, and Fanatico (Jorge Soccarás & Mathias Schaffhäuser).

We’re excited to announce the 29th edition of XLR8R+, a dive into Florida’s rave scene that showcases DJ Three‘s wide-reaching sonic universe. For this particular package, we’ve also doubled the amount of exclusive and previously unheard tracks from three to six, meaning more for you.

Moving on from Goldie, who curated last month’s edition, our focus shifts to Christopher Milo, better known as DJ Three. Three got his start by throwing some of the first one-off raves across the southeastern United States in the early 1990s. After 12 years in New York City, where he counted residencies at Blk Market Membership and Output, he’s become a DJ revered for his eclectic tastes and reading of the dancefloor. On any given night, he weaves rhythms old and new that still capture the feelings of Florida rave that made him fall in love with electronic music nearly three decades ago.

Away from the club, Three delivers his musical vision through Hallucienda. The label, founded in 2014, grew out of Hallucination Limited, his own limited press offshoot of the seminal ‘90s imprint Hallucination Recordings. The label allows Three to present his latest musical findings while maintaining a lineage to the previous catalogs. As you’d expect from Three, Hallucienda’s catalog is varied and unpredictable, swaying from hypnotic house and otherworldly techno to Krautrock-inspired experimentation and song-fused electronica. Beyond any genre constraints, Hallucienda hopes to present music that’ll still be played out many years from now.

Three has curated this month’s XLR8R+ collection in the same fashion, pulling exclusive works from Hallucienda artists. While several of these, like Amir Alexander, Grumptronix, and Indoor Man, he’s known for years, the others, like Slumber, Ulysses, and Fanatico (Jorge Soccarás & Mathias Schaffhäuser), are recent acquaintances. As with the Hallucienda label, this month’s edition looks to the future while paying homage to the past, and, in typical DJ Three fashion, it’s wildly diverse, pulling from electro, house, electronica, and beyond. Underpinning it is a determination to “showcase both the eclectic nature of Hallucienda and the breadth of talent among the artists on the label,” Three tells XLR8R.

The music, PDF zine, and wallpaper art can be downloaded once you SUBSCRIBE HERE. If you’re already a subscriber, you can download the package below.


01. Ulysses “Witness”
02. Slumber “Fell Into A Dream”
03. Amir Alexander “The Gritty Committee”
04. Grumptronix “A Quiet Place” (Spacetime Continuum remix)
05. Indoor Man “Listen to the Rain”
06. Fanatico “Beneath Your Feet”

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