Tracks and content from Novo Line, Schulverweis, The Spy, L/F/D/M, Mayurashka, Sepehr, and Colombi herself.

We’re ready to launch the 39th edition of XLR8R+.

This edition is a little different to previous editions in that it’s curated by Elena Colombi, the founder of Osàre! Editions, a rising label with roots in Amsterdam. Colombi has pulled in six artists from the Osàre! fold, curated alongside XLR8R as a cohesive narrative for the label and its current sound. 

Up first is Novo Line, a Baltimore-raised producer who delivers “Radio Breaker Bells,” a weird and warped piece of chugging electronics built for the warm-up hours. Up next are Levente Pavelka and Johannes Haas as Schulverweis, whose “Partisane” track features head-nodding German vocals over a rolling bassline geared towards maximum destruction.

Continuing in the same vein, Wessel Janssen, the Dutch artist better known as The Spy, has shared a fast, punky cut with head-spinning vocal contributions from Colombi herself, before Richard Smith (a.k.a L/F/D/M) winds things down a little with “Folklore,” a slice of perfectly concocted club music.

Closing the edition are Mayurashka, a DJ-producer based in Tokyo, with her own hybrid of no wave and house music, and Sepehr, who collaborates with Colombi on “Undulating Thoughts,” once again featuring his trademark hallucinogenic depth.

There’s also a Studio Essentials feature with The Spy, included in this month’s PDF zine, which details his favorite production tools and pieces of gear.

This month’s art is by Eva Kammergruber and Elena Colombi.

Thanks for your continued support, 

The XLR8R Team

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Editor’s note: the subscriber NFT will be available next week and a note will be sent out to subscribers.

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