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Rapping has evolved over the years, not only in terms of music but also from the position of an artist. With the fresh breed of musicians taking the rapping scene to a whole new level with their unconventional approach to conventional genres, they have also moved off of stages to build a brand that the world will know. Rapper YBE K@n5eR, aka Dr1pGodd, is a rising artist who is leveraging his talent to help cancer patients. MichaelB Dowell has watched many of his family members battle cancer since childhood. He is deeply moved by the pain and trauma of the disease. He has adopted the artist name “Kancer” to highlight the mission of his life.

YBE “Young Business Executive” K@n5eR was born in Youngstown, but raised in Warren, Ohio. Adopted by a loving mother who from day one noticed something was special about her new addition to the family. Seeing his uncle, aunt, and grandmother, battling cancer as a child helped him find a purpose in life. Later on, in his adult years his mother survived cancer, battling the disease with courage and confidence. Kancer’s aunt died of the disease. His mother has always been his biggest strength and inspiration as an artist. Growing up, his mom chose to move him and his younger brother to North Carolina to be closer to her oldest son and family. Kancer always wanted to pursue better career opportunities in music, but made some bad decisions in his last year of high school and ended up in prison.

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