To ensure your ASMR videos are high quality, you must find the best microphone possible. This guide helps determine what kind of microphone you need, whether you’re just starting to create ASMR or are an experienced ASMR artist.

What is an ASMR microphone?

If you want to be making ASMR, you will be pleased to know that you do not need a specific microphone. Any microphone good for recording vocals or picking up low-level sounds in detail will work. Generally, a large diaphragm condenser would be the best choice for an ASMR microphone.

Just starting podcasting? These are the best mics for it

You may find yourself in a situation where you must consider what kind of microphone to use for quality ASMR recordings. USB microphones are an excellent option for people who don’t want to spend extra money on an audio interface, XLR cable, mic stand, pop filter, and more. You can also find cheap ASMR microphones that sound good enough for this recording style by going the USB route.

Dynamic vs. Condenser Microphones For ASMR

When shopping for an ASMR microphone, you will likely come across two main types of microphone construction: dynamic and condenser. 

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