The best way to combat the Sunday Scaries is with a delicious Sunday Funday celebration and a fire playlist that will help you forget how much you hate Mondays.

Yeah, but what is deep house?

Deep house is a style of house music known for having a lower tempo (usually between 110 and 125 BMP), soulful vocals, and ambient mixes, with an artful fusion of the four-on-the-floor traditional house beat and jazz-funk-inspired harmonies and bass lines. And, so many of the best deep house tracks have the notable punchy sound characteristic of the 1980s Roland TR-909 drum machine.

One of the best things about deep house is that it is just as much at home on the beach as in bars and nightclubs.

Fire up the grill, plug in your speakers, and invite your friends

We have a solid playlist of chill, easy-listening tracks that you’ll find me listening to (and not just on Sundays).

And, before you ask, this deep house playlist is the perfect combination of smooth, soulful vocals and jazzy undertones, and funk-fueled, hard-hitting beats. 

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