Zoe Ko Press Shot

At least it helps her make good music, I note. She laughs and nods…

“And it becomes a problem. I’ll worry about it then.”

Armed with a fringe haircut, firework vocals, and her Queens roots, Zoe Ko is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter whose bangers make love a little less unnavigable. Her Spotify bio invites listeners to “Come here when you feel like sh*t.” And her latest single is already stuck in my head.

This one’s on the rise. Read on to have all your Zoe Ko questions answered.

What’s Zoe Ko’s Latest Single?

Zoe Ko’s latest single, “Til U,” is heartbreak set to a poppy pulse. 

Dramatic claims are a love-gone-wrong song staple (think Conan Gray or Olivia Rodrigo), and there’s no shortage of them in Ko’s track. Among other bold statements, Ko wistfully recalls a lover’s words that “tast[ed] like bliss,” declares she’s been “left with a heart [she doesn’t] want anymore,” and, thinking back to her pre-relationship world, pines for “the feeling of never feeling love.”

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