Electro pioneer Anthony Rother has been a key figure in German electronica since the late 90s, with Simulationszeitalter, Little Computer People, Popkiller and last year’s Metrowelt among his stellar productions.

On his Facebook page, Rother recently revealed one of the factors that influenced his choice of career – he grew up close to a US Army base in his native Offenbach, Germany, which mean that hip hop, electro and R&B were on regular rotation in the city’s clubs.

He also name-dropped some of the tracks that were on heavy rotation during that period, and it makes for a hell of a playlist, with classic cuts from Kraftwerk, Cybotron, Whodini, CCCP, Information Society, Dynamix II and others [check out the full list in the post below].

“I listened to these tracks when they came out,” Rother wrote. “This track list looks like a pure cliche today. Almost unreal and very nostalgic. This playlist is burned into my robotic memory and I [was] raised and socialised with these tunes. That’s way bigger than just knowing these tracks.”

Here at 909originals, we felt that this was too good an opportunity to pass up, so we’ve compiled a Spotify playlist with some select tracks from Rother’s list, which we’ve called ‘Anthony Rother’s Electro Memories’. Anthony, thank you! 🙂

[Main picture taken from Anthony Rother’s Facebook page]

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