Discogs today released their annual report containing Marketplace analysis and Database highlights of trends in consumer music purchasing habits and additional data in the Discogs 2020 Report.

In 2020, 16,290,197 pieces of physical music were sold worldwide, bringing an overall 40.12% increase in year-over-year growth in global physical sales through the Discogs Marketplace. 

Discogs data confirms that the most popular physical music format sold in 2020 was vinyl. In fact, vinyl sales have once again crossed a landmark threshold: a stunning 11,961,998 records sold through the Discogs, up 40.75% from 2019. CDs have also increased 37.18% year-over-year with 3,441,769 compact discs purchased. Interest in cassettes hasn’t died down, with a total of 282,798 sold through the Marketplace, a 33.33% increase over 2019.  These statistics and more are all included in the Discogs 2020 Report

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