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Dominic Ortega

Dominic Ortega spent lockdowns during the pandemic honing his mixing skills and spent endless hours perfecting the art of EQ / Phrase Mixing his beloved Progressive and Melodic House music. His love affair with dance music started at the tender age of just 16 when he went to his first rave in the UK. Ever since he has been fixated with Electronic Dance Music culture. During his 3 years working as an expat in South America, his passion for Progressive House music grew. A ‘ProgMelodic’ protagonist…Dominic is deliberately stood at the intersection where Progressive & Melodic House music cross paths and where the lines become blurred. Seamlessly blending these diverse yet inter-connected genres of atmospheric house music, championing a unique & distinctive sound DNA and in doing so; creating a provocative, uplifting and emotive musical journey for the listener.