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Drey Foxx

Drey Foxx is the founder of The Rolling Ball – a music label and events company, promoting music, dance, art and fashion.

Listen, Feel, Move, in Style perfectly describes the approach Drey Foxx has with her music on and off the decks as a DJ, producer and dancer.

Drey Foxx’s musical influences stem from her love of rock metal to hip hop and R&B vibes.

Some weeks you might hear an energetic deep dark techno heavy bassline and hypnotising rhythms or melodies, the next you might be taken on a vocal driven progressive deep house vibe flowing through breaks to drum n bass beats and whatever else in between to invoke a desire to listen, feel, move, in style…

However you choose to listen, Drey Foxx will bring a fresh vibe to every one of her sets, an impression to be felt and remembered.

When Drey Foxx is not involved in the local underground scene she is busy in her career in personal and commercial law and with her family.

Let’s vibe together at the next Rolling Ball show to refresh, reset and recharge!

Join Drey Foxx every 2nd Friday of the month at 2pm(PST) or 10pm(UK)