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‘Originally from and currently residing near Philadelphia, PA, USA. C-Lyn has been DJing for over 15 years, having her passion ignited for progressive music when she attended her first warehouse rave when only in her teens. Her love for the music really took off and hooked her after seeing the legendary duo Sasha and Digweed at the infamous Twilo in NYC. A few years later her DJ friends who always recognized her passion for the music, encouraged her and helped her on the road to realizing her dream of DJing. So far throughout her ongoing DJ career, she has had multiple guest appearances on Frisky Radio for X-Chrome and Feeling Frisky and her own residency show called Symmetry on Progressive Beats Radio which ran for 3 years until the end of the station. C-Lyn always leans to the dark techy melodic side of progressive and techno and always aims to take you on a musical journey with each and every set she creates because that is always what the music does for her.’