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Trevor O aka Molotov

So like a lot of DJs I started my journey on the dancefloor, throwing shapes to the sounds of PVD, SASHA , BT and other pioneers of dance music. Around 1996 1997  I decided I’d buy my first set of turntables ” Sound lab dlp r32s” and started hitting HMV and other record shops like hard to find records in Birmingham, and started putting the hour’s, and hours into practice. I’ve played a lot of small parties, a few little clubs and a pub that lost its licence in London as we used to just have mad parties in the back room with the front door closed, I put down DJing for a number of years due to personal circumstance, but over the last 5 years I’ve been getting lost in it again. I’ve been streaming online and joined a little progressive family on twitch with the likes of lemon8, Deacon Cross, and an organisation called ShinyPeople who I’ve also played for along side of lemon8, Bruno Kaufmann AKA F-ACT and the legendary Jam el mar of Jam & Spoon, It all started with Trance, but I’ve embraced myself around Progressive House the last couple of years and long may it continue.